An agriculture that innovates and invests: A priority for CAP?

An agriculture that innovates and invests: A priority for CAP?

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Ms Elli Tsiforou, Head of GAIA EPICHEIREIN‘s Brussels Office participated in a recent TV discussion titled «An agriculture that innovates and invests: A priority for CAP?», that took place in the context of “Salon International de l’Agriculture“, the largest agricultural exhibition of France.

The TV discussion was organized by the French insurance group Groupama in collaboration with the European think tank Farm Europe, which GAIA EPICHEIREIN is a member of, and is part of a series of broadcasts dedicated to the future of the European agricultural sector and the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

In the context of her participation in the discussion, Ms. Tsiforou presented the concept of the synergies and innovation which lies at the core of GAIA EPICHEIREIN, focusing at the effort at national level that GAIA makes in order to support Greek farmers and agricultural cooperatives for their successful transition in the digital era.

During the discussion, Ms. Tsiforou referred to the gaiasense smart farming system. As she mentioned: «After 2 years of successful implementation of the smart farming program, we have tangible proof that with the help of digital farming, farmers increase their competitiveness, as it significantly reduces production costs and increases productivity, while at the same time it positively contributes to the protection of the environment and supports the effort against climate change».

Additionally, she pointed out that «the huge challenges of our times require a common effort from all EU stakeholders, in the context of a Common Agricultural Policy that needs to remain Common and will allow producers to secure their income, to invest and make long-term plans but also to work in common for the significant horizontal targets of environmental protection addressing climate change. Digital farming is a catalyst of this effort».

The participants of the discussion also included Mr. Franck Garnier, President of Bayer France, Jean-Baptiste Moreau, MP of the political party En Marche and a close associate of President Macron, Jean-Marc Bournigal, President of the French national organization that represents cereal producers and Luc Vernet, co-founder of the European think tank Farm Europe.

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