Dynamic comeback of AGROTEC with smart farming and gaiasense

Dynamic comeback of AGROTEC with smart farming and gaiasense

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Between May 2 and 5, 2019, the 20th AGROTEC agricultural exhibition was held at the Xystri thematic park in Pyrgos Ilias, Western Greece. The exhibition was organized by the Municipality of Pyrgos and the Municipal Company of Pyrgos S.A., with the participation of dozens of exhibitors and a high number of visitors. It is one of the largest agricultural exhibitions in Greece, which provides its visitors with the opportunity to be informed about the latest developments in the agri-food sector.

Among the participations of this year’s AGROTEC, the joint booth of Farmers’ Service Center of Pyrgos – Konstantopoulos-Michalopoulos, the Farmers’ Service Center fo Amaliada  and GAIA EPICHEIREIN stood out.


In the context of their participation, the aforementioned organizations informed the visitors of the exhibition about Smart Farming and more specifically about the gaiasense system. Producers exhibited increased interest in smart farming, as they are facing problems with their crops due to the intense weather phenomena that lead to reduced yields and lower quality.

By using the right tools, the farmer can benefit even if he owns a few acres and even without spending money on technological equipment.

It should be noted that this year’s AGROTEC was a dynamic re-launch of the series, as it took place 13 years after the last exhibition.

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