Expansion of the gaiasense network in cotton fields at Komotini

Expansion of the gaiasense network in cotton fields at Komotini

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The installation of a number of new gaiatron telemetric stations is taking place during these days at the area of Komotini, Northern Greece, aiming at the expansion of the current network and the consequent coverage of an even higher number of cotton fields. The project takes place in collaboration with Thrakika Ekkokistiria S.A. refers to the installation of additional 7  stations for recording atmospheric parameters (gaiatron atmo) and 4 stations for recording soil parameters (gaiatron soil).

This activity comes as a follow up to the related informational event that Thrakika Ekkokkistiria organized on January 15, 2018 at Komotini, in the context of which the results of the first year’s application of gaiasense in cotton fields of the area along with the plan for the next year were presented. The application of the gaiasense smart farming services in the area aims at the improvement of the production, the increase of yields, as well as the reduction of both the production costs and the environmental impact of the agricultural practices through the controlled and precise application of inputs.

Εγκατάσταση σταθμού gaiatron σε καλλιέργεια βαμβακιού στην Κομοτηνή - Μάρτιος 2018

The expansion of the gaiasense network in the area is the result of the increased expression of interest shown by the producers by the end of the aforementioned event for participating in the gaiasense smart farming project. During the next cultivation period, the data collected will be used for supporting cotton growers in the management of their production, regarding irrigation, fertilization and crop protection.

It should be noted that the specific application is the first gaiasense application in cotton fields in Greece.

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