gaiasense and smart farming at IoT Week 2019

gaiasense and smart farming at IoT Week 2019

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IoT Week 2019, the 9th IoT Week Conference where innovative tech meets business and society, was held in Aarhus, Denmark between 17 and 21 of June 2019. The event attracts a high number of visitors and exhibitors from all over the world, including but not limited to industry and academia representatives.

NEUROPUBLIC participated in the event and had the opportunity to present its smart farming activities and IoT-related work. NEUROPUBLIC’s participation focused on the company’s involvement in two flagship Horizon 2020 projects, namely IoF2020 and SmartAgriHubs as well as the Global IoT Summit:

Global IoT Summit

The Global IoT Summit (GIoTS) is an international conference established to attract and present the latest research results in IoT. It is endorsed by IEEE and intends to select the best papers through a systematic peer review process. GIOTS 2019 was a unique event, consisting of Keynote Sessions, Cutting-edge Sessions and Presentations, Thematic Workshops, Special Sessions, Exhibition Area and a Hackathon. This year, GIOTS 2019 was collocated with the IoT Week in Aarhus.GIoTS2019_logo

NEUROPUBLIC’s Technical Project Manager Nikos Kalatzis presented a paper titled: “IoT and data interoperability in agriculture: A case study on the gaiasense smart farming solution”. The paper presented gaiasense as an innovative approach in offering smart farming services as an inexpensive service with zero technological related investment for farmers. The presentation at the Conference was well-accepted and raised interest among the audience of the specific session.


NEUROPUBLIC has an active role in the Flagship Innovation Experiment (FIE) 26 of the SmartAgriHubs Horizon 2020 project, which focuses on the exploitation of innovative technologies like Internet of Things for improving the cultivation of open-field organic vegetables. In FIE 26, NEUROPUBLIC works closely with the Agricultural University of Athens and Marathon Bio Products.

SmartAgriHubs gaiasense leaflets

In the context of the IoTWeek 2019, NEUROPUBLIC was at the SmartAgriHubs project booth, explaining the utilisation of the gaiasense smart farming solution for the implementation of the experiment. This was also the first time that the new gaiasense roll-up banner was publicly displayed.


NEUROPUBLIC leads the Use Case 1.6 of the Internet of Food and Farm 2020 (IoF2020) Horizon 2020 project, titled “IoT4PotatoData-Driven Potato Production“. The use case is about the combining IoT technology with earth observation data, in order to help farmers reduce the costs of potato production and improve quality, while reducing their environmental footprint. The gaiasense smart farming system lies at the core of the technological approach followed by the project, and will be applied in potato fields of Poland, Ukraine and Cyprus.

IOF2020_IoT4PotatoDuring IoTWeek 2019, NEUROPUBLIC promoted the IoT4Potato use case & the role of gaiasense at the IoF2020 booth.

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