gaiasense at Messinia and the role of smart farming in the new CAP

gaiasense at Messinia and the role of smart farming in the new CAP

2016 1512 gaiasense - Ευφυής γεωργία

The Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Messinia, the Association of Agricultural Cooperatives and Enterprises of Greece (S.A.S.O.E.E.), NEUROPUBLIC and GAIA EPICHEREIN co organized an event on the role of smart farming in the new Common Agricultural Policy.

The event took place on Saturday October 12 2019, at Rex Hotel Kalamata, with the participation of representatives from the agricultural sector of Messinia, and  included presentations by Alexandros Kontos, President of S.A.S.O.E.E., Dimitris Kapnias (IACS Project Director of GAIA-EPICHEIREIN) and Fotis Chatzipapadopoulos (President of NEUROPUBLIC and Head of gaiasense).

Παρουσίαση του gaiasense στην Καλαμάτα

During his presentation, Mr. Chatzipapadopoulos presented in details the gaiasense system, its advisory smart farming services emphasizing on the contribution of smart farming in the sustainability of agriculture (economic, environmental and social), the key role of the human factor (farmers, agronomists and researchers), the existing technological infrastructure and its applications in Greece and abroad.

Mr. Chatzipapadopoulos also referred to Agrotiki Kainotomia, a nationwide network providing new type of agricultural advisory services, utilizing the infrastructure and services of gaiasense.

The presentation concluded with a special reference to the collaboration between gaiasense and Messinia Union, including details on the different crops (grapes, olives, figs, potatoes, and groundnut) and areas covered by this collaboration.

You can watch his presentation of gaiasense, as well as the entire event, in the video below.

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