gaiasense at the 1st Romanian Wine Producers’ Conference

gaiasense at the 1st Romanian Wine Producers’ Conference

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The gaiasense smart farming system was presented at the 1st Romanian Wine Producers’ Conference (Viticon 2019) that was co-organized by the Agricover company and the Romanian Farmers’ Club at Brasov, Romania on the 15th of April.

The conference, which was attended by the country’s largest and most important wine producers, aimed at presenting the most modern and innovative solutions and services for this sector, as well as the challenges of implementing the Common Agricultural Policy post 2020.

Παρουσίαση του gaiasense στη Viticon 2019

In this context, Elli Tsiforou, Head of Brussels office of GAIA EPICHEIREIN presented the latest European developments regarding the role of digital technology in the production process with an emphasis on the Common Agricultural Policy and the European Commission’s Digital Agenda.

In addition, Ms. Tsiforou highlighted the role and work of Farm Europe’s Digital Agriculture Platform, where GAIA EPICHEIREIN is actively participating since its establishment.

At the core of Ms. Tsiforou’s presentation was the gaiasense smart farming system, which is a pan-European good practice in terms of technological, business and operational aspects.

As she mentioned, “the gaiasense smart farming system stands out in the EU, as it is an integrated and coherent approach both at the data collection level and at the level of business solution and advisory service that constantly embraces the producer by simplifying and significantly improving his work.

Producers prefer gaiasense because it is a valuable tool for them and brings significant profits without incurring investment costs or extra effort and expenses; therefore they do not have to seek for complementary technologies, knowledge or collaborations, as with a single system they can have it all”.

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