gaiasense at the 1st Scientific Workshop of IPM Decisions

gaiasense at the 1st Scientific Workshop of IPM Decisions

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IPM Decisions” is a project funded by Horizon 2020, which focuses on the facilitating the wide spread and adoption of Decision Support Systems in the context of Integrated Pest Management systems against pests and diseases of various crops.

The project consortium consists of 26 partners from 11 EU countries, coordinated by the Agricultural University of Athens.

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The project organized its 1st Scientific Workshop on December 16 2019 at the Agricultural University of Athens, Greece, with the participation of a high number of researchers and scientists, agronomists, students and technology providers, among others.

Nikos Kalatzis, Technical Project Manager of NEUROPUBLIC was one of the speakers,  and presented the way in which gaiasense makes use of new technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) in the context of integrated pest management systems.

gaiasense at IPM Decisions Workshop

During his presentations, Mr. Kalatzis presented the 4 dimensions of gaiasense focusing on the technical and technological parameters of the system, and explained the way in which data, scientific models and technological tools are combined in order to enable the provision of timely and valid warnings regarding the appearance of harmful pests and diseases.

The workshop also included presentations by the Agricultural University of Athens and the Hellenic Crop Protection Association.

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