gaiasense at the 3rd Pancyprian Agriculture Conference

gaiasense at the 3rd Pancyprian Agriculture Conference

1522 1023 gaiasense - Ευφυής γεωργία

The 3rd Pancyprian Agriculture Conference was held on December 4 2019, at Nicosia, Cyprus with the participation of a large number of representatives of the Cyprus agrifood sector, including producers and agricultural cooperatives, agronomists, researchers, food technologists, processors and marketers of agricultural products, as well as public sector representatives.

3ο Παγκύπριο Συνέδριο Γεωργίας

Dimitris Kapnias, Project Director of GAIA EPICHEIREIN, was among the invited speakers of the Conference. In his presentation, which focused on the contribution of digital transformation in the sustainability of the primary sector, Mr Kapnias presented the example of Greece, the gaiasense smart farming system.

Mr. Kapnias referred to gaiasense as the most ambitious program for implementing smart farming practices in the EU, which aims at rationalizing the use of inputs in agriculture and significantly contributes to the improved competitiveness of farms, while reducing the environmental footprint, as required by the increased “green” requirements of the new Common Agricultural Policy.

3ο Παγκύπριο Συνέδριο Γεωργίας - Καπνιάς

As he characteristically stated, “Knowledge and innovation are recognized as an effective way to achieve this and it is no coincidence that the digital transformation of agriculture is a transversal goal of the future Common Agricultural Policy so that we can produce more (and better) ) with less”.


3ο Παγκύπριο Συνέδριο Γεωργίας - πάνελ

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