gaiasense at the Delphi Economic Forum

gaiasense at the Delphi Economic Forum

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GAIA Epicheirein participated in the Delphi Economic Forum, an annual meeting point of the domestic and international political and business world at the highest level of representation. Ms. Elli Tsiforou, Head of GAIA Epixherein’s Brussels Office, contributed with a presentation in the context of the panel themed “Examining the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP): How to support Agricultural Employment and Agricultural Income in the EU?

Delphi Forum_TsiforouThe panel was organized by the World Bank, represented by the Chief Economist Rogier van den Brink, and consisted of Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development Director Tassos Haniotis, Professor of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Kostas Karantininis, Director of «Gastronomos» magazine Aggelos Rentoulas and others. The discussion was coordinated by Tania Georgiopoulou, journalist of Kathimerini newspaper.

Mrs. Tsiforou presented her approach of GAIA Epicheirein to innovation issues in the primary sector, focusing on the gaiasense smart farming system, which is developed in cooperation with NEUROPUBLIC, its strategic technological partner.

Mrs. Tsiforou characteristically stated:

Greek agriculture needs to make up for the lost ground in a very short time, so that it becomes competitive and sustainable; a catalyst for this rapid transition is digitization, which is the most effective and fast convergence and development tool. We witness this in practice during the last 3 years that we apply the gaiasense smart farming system in 30 areas in Greece, for 20 different crops covering almost 10% of the country’s agricultural land.

With gaiasense we contribute to the improvement of the productivity and the quality of the agricultural product, the reduction of the production costs as well as the environmental impact of the production process, while at the same time promoting a new agricultural entrepreneurship culture which is based on knowledge and collaboration.”

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