gaiasense expands its smart farming network in Portugal and Spain

gaiasense expands its smart farming network in Portugal and Spain

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During the previous months, NEUROPUBLIC completed the expansion of the gaiasense smart farming infrastructure in Spain and Portugal. This was the first time that gaiasense telemetric stations were installed outside Greece.

More specifically, NEUROPUBLIC installed its gaiatron telemetric stations in selected olive groves of CONFAGRI, Portugal’s National confederation of agricultural cooperatives, in the areas of Beja and Serpa respectively. Additional gaiatrons were installed in selected vineyards of Viña Costeira, a traditional and innovative winery and wine grape producer, in Ourense at Galicia, Spain. This was the first step for enabling the gaiasense smart farming services for irrigation, fertilization and crop protection in these countries.

gaiasense ελαιώνας ΠορτογαλίαThis activity took place in the context of the LIFE GAIA Sense project which is co-funded by the LIFE Programme and coordinated by NEUROPUBLIC.

The gaiatrons, the telemetric stations of the gaiasense smart farming system, are a Greek product, developed and constructed by NEUROPUBLIC. These agro-meteorological stations collect data regarding atmospheric (such as temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, solar radiation, wind speed and direction, precipitation) and soil conditions (such as soil temperature and moisture). At the same time, the stations’ “Leaf Multisensor“ collects data regarding the conditions under the plants’ foliage (temperature, wind, relative humidity and leaf wetness), ensuring maximum accuracy in the monitoring of the crop and the provision of advice for the farmers.

gaiasense ελαιώνας ΠορτογαλίαNEUROPUBLIC is a Greek company that develops all the technological components of the gaiasense smart farming system, namely the software, the telemetric stations and the computing systems. In addition, it has the operational responsibility for the development and operation of the station system throughout Greece and abroad. With more than 10 years of activity in the field of information technology for the agricultural sector, the company translates its vast experience into a unique project that can effectively restructure agricultural production.

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