gaiasense presented at Copernicus infoday in Warsaw

gaiasense presented at Copernicus infoday in Warsaw

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On Thursday 18th of April, the Polish Space Agency, the Embassy of Ukraine in Warsaw and the Polish Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology co-organized in Warsaw an info day focused on the European Commission’s Copernicus programme.

During the event, the Copernicus Data and Information Access Services (DIAS) project was presented; the project aims at developing user-friendly methods of accessing Copernicus data and information. The participants, among which were DIAS project partners and other space technology stakeholders, had the opportunity to discuss the benefits from the project’s implementation and to exchange experiences and views on the application of space technologies in everyday life.

DIAS Copernicus projectAmong the speakers was Dimitris Sykas, NEUROPUBLIC‘s Earth Observation & Data Science Chief Engineer, who presented the gaiasense smart farming system, focusing on how the system uses satellite data from the Copernicus program to provide smart farming services. Mr. Sykas stressed the need to combine satellite data with terrestrial station measurements and on-farm observations by specialized agronomists for maximizing the accuracy of advice provided by the system.

During his presentation titled “gaiasense smart farming services – integrating ground truth collection network with Earth Observation data“, Mr. Sykas also referred to the expansion of the gaiasense network in areas of Poland and Ukraine, which is being carried out in the context of the Data-driven potato production (IoT4Potato) use case of the IoF2020 project.

Παρουσίαση του gaiasense στη ΒαρσοβίαYou can find more information on the workshop and the DIAS project here, while the program of the event is available here (PDF).

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