Informational meeting with the agricoop “Farsalon Gi” on the sustainable cotton production

Informational meeting with the agricoop “Farsalon Gi” on the sustainable cotton production

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An informational event was held between NEUROPUBLIC and the Agricultural Cooperative “Farsalon Gi” on Thursday 16th of July, at the offices of the Cooperative in Farsala. The purpose of the meeting was to present the cooperation of the two organizations, which concerns the development and implementation of Smart Farming services in cotton cultivation in order to improve production and reduce its environmental footprint, through better utilization of inputs.

During the event, NEUROPUBLIC’s agronomists Andreas Syreggelas and Paraskevas Hasapis, with the help of the Cooperative’s agronomist Ms. Vasiliki Panagiotopoulou presented the application that provides access to atmospheric and soil data recorded by the gaiasense agrometeorological stations that are located in selected points of fields in the area of Farsala.

The data that will be collected during the current growing season from both the stations and other sources, will be the basis for comparison with the coming years, but also the basis for the development and implementation of the smart farming services. Following thta, producers will gradually receive targeted agricultural advice for better management of cotton cultivation, so that they can reduce production costs and their environmental impact and at the same time improve cotton quality and their profitability.

The event was attended by producers of the Cooperative, which participate in the LIFE GAIA Sense project and apply smart farming services in their cotton crops, as well as producers who wish to participate in this activity and benefit from smart farming, following the developments in the agricultural sector.

This cooperation takes place in the context of the LIFE GAIA Sense project, which aims to promote smart farming and more specifically the gaiasense system as a system that contributes to sustainable agricultural production, with reduced impact of cultivation practices in the environment and with a significant contribution to Circular Economy Models.

Sustainable cotton production in Farsala

Through the cooperation between NEUROPUBLIC and the agricoop «Farsalon Gi», sustainable cotton production practices will be promoted through the application of the gaiasense smart farming services. This practically means that the cotton producers of the cooperative will have better control of the inputs – both agrochemical and natural resources – resulting in the mitigation of the agricultural activities’ effects on the environment. At the same time, by saving on inputs, producers will be able to reduce their costs, and consequently increase their profitability. Finally, significant benefits are expected in the quality and quantity of cotton production, as its needs will be met with great precision.

This approach is in line with the sustainability practices of the recently announced EU Green Deal, which will set out how to manage agricultural production in the coming years. Thus, through this collaboration, the cotton producers of the Agricultural Cooperative “Farsalon Gi” gain a competitive advantage over the other producers, as they ensure from now on the sustainability of their production.

The important role of agronomists and producers

During the meeting the role of agronomists and producers participating in this action was highlighted. As regards producers, they will use suitable applications to record their agricultural activities, using a digital calendar of activities.

For their part, agronomists are responsible for in-farm note taking, such as on site observations, measurements and sampling. At the same time, they are responsible for receiving the advice produced by the system, and adapting it as needed, but also for guiding producers in their proper application of the advice in the field.

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