Interview about gaiasense on the HLEKTRA FM 98,8 radio station

Interview about gaiasense on the HLEKTRA FM 98,8 radio station

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On March 8th 2018, the gaiasense smart farming system was presented by the HLEKTRA FM 98,8 radio station, one of the most popular stations in the area of Corinth, Greece.

More specifically, gaiasense was presented through an interview given by NEUROPUBLIC‘s Dr. Panagiotis Ilias (Research & Development Director) and Mr. Theodoros Zografos (Communication and Marketing Manager for gaiasense) to the journalist Mr. Panagiotis Brimbos, in the context of the informational daily broadcast «The information suits HLEKTRA».

During the interview, a description of the gaiasense system was provided and the benefits that farmers may reap from its adoption were mentioned in details.

In addition, the interview focused on the application of gaiasense in the cultivation of table grapes in the area of Stimagka, Corinth.

The specific area was one of the first areas where the gaiasense system was applied and is an indicative example of how gaiasense can support producers in matters of production optimization, such as irrigation, fertilization and crop protection, so that they have a direct positive financial impact.

In the context of the interview, the importance of producers’ organization in groups was highlighted, as this will significantly facilitate the adoption of the gaiasense smart farming system by a consistently higher number of producers leading to a reduction of the annual subscription fee thanks to the economy of scale.

On 12-3-2018 at the same are (Afoi Malliou Conference Center, Kiato, from 18.00 to 20.00) an open event aiming at providing more information about gaiasense and reaching out to table grapes’ producers from Corinth, as well as the wider Peloponnese area.

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