Joint EARSC and DG AGRI Workshop on remote sensing for agriculture

Joint EARSC and DG AGRI Workshop on remote sensing for agriculture

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The European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC) in collaboration with the Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development (DG AGRI) organized a Workshop titled: «Digital transformation of agriculture: the role of remote sensing». The workshop was held in Brussels on the 27th of March, with the participation of stakeholders from the remote sensing industry, the agricultural sector and EC officials.

Elli Tsiforou, Head of GAIA EPICHEIREIN‘s Brussels Office was among the invited speakers of the workshop, which aimed at facilitating the exchange of views between representatives of remote sensing companies and the agricultural sector, in order to highlight the role of remote sensing in improving the economic and environmental performance of European farmers but also in better implementation and monitoring of the Common Agricultural Policy today and in the near future.Εργαστήριο των EARSC και DG_AGRI για την τηλεπισκόπηση στη γεωργίαFrom the European Commission side, the Director of Sustainability and Income Support Pierre Bascou presented the Commission’s proposals for the post-2020 Common Agricultural Policy. Mr. Bascou said that digitization is a horizontal objective that runs through all objectives and tools for the implementation and monitoring of the new Common Agricultural Policy. He also highlighted the increased responsibility of the relevant bodies at national level in achieving this goal, making use of digitization for improving the producers’ income and the protection of natural resources.

gaiasense is a holistic approach that takes advantage of all available data and knowledge to provide high quality and efficient service to every Greek and European producer

Following up, Geoff Sawyer, Secretary General of EARSC, said that the European remote sensing services companies are ready to provide even more effective solutions to both farmers and other stakeholders, and that the companies exhibit increased interest in better understanding the problems and challenges that the agrifood sector faces.

EARSC-DG_AGRI Workshop_audienceThe views of the agricultural organizations were presented by the Vice-President of Copa-Cogeca‘s Working Group on Direct Payments Maria Ostegarrd from Denmark, the representative of the Czech Paying Agency Lucie Savelkova, DG AGRI executives etc.

In addition, the workshop was attended by representatives of the most important companies in the field, such as Airbus, Geoville and GMV among others, who presented their remote sensing-based solutions for the agricultural sector.

Το gaiasense στο εργαστήριο των EARSC και DG AGRIMrs. Tsiforou, representing GAIA EPICHEIREIN and NEUROPUBLIC, which is a Full Member of EARSC, presented the philosophy, development and results of the gaiasense smart farming, explaining that remote sensing is one of its data acquisition dimensions.

gaiasense, as she highlighted, «is not a fragmented but a holistic approach all available data and knowledge to provide a high quality and efficient service to every Greek and European producer, regardless of the physical and financial size of his farm».

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