NEUROPUBLIC’s telemetric station in the spotlight of the 83rd TIF

NEUROPUBLIC’s telemetric station in the spotlight of the 83rd TIF

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The agro-meteorological telemetric station of gaiasense, the innovative smart farming system of NEUROPUBLIC, drew the attention of the audience of the 83rd Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF). The most recent version of the station that was exhibited at Thessaloniki, integrates the most advanced data acquisition technologies, providing advice to the farmers.

gaiatron at TIF2018During its presence at the Fair, «Ypaithros Chora» witnessed the high interest and the remarkable attendance of an especially dynamic audience which covered  the whole range of productivity and innovation. During this year’s TIF, the Piraeus-based company emerged, in the most emphatic way, as the principal exponent and main developer of purely Greek technology focusing on the Greek farmer; a fact that is evidenced by the meetings attended jointly by NEUROPUBLIC executives and world-class companies in the technology sector.

Moreover, the presence of the gaiasense system and the agro-meteorological telemetric station validated the increased interest of the simple visitors of the Fair, which can fall under the following three main categories:

  • Scientists and engineers of all specialties.
  • Farmers, cooperatives, farmers’ groups, agronomists and representatives of the local governments.
  • Dynamic business ventures expressing their interest to participate in NEUROPUBLIC’s effort to modernize the agricultural production.

Περίπτερο NEUROPUBLIC-gaiasenseThe telemetric station of the gaiasense smart farming system is a Greek product, developed and constructed by NEUROPUBLIC. The station combines data from the atmosphere, the soil and the plant that are used for the provision of advice for the farmers.

More specifically, the agro-meteorological station collects data regarding atmospheric (such as temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, solar radiation, wind speed and direction, as well as precipitation) and soil conditions (soil temperature and moisture). At the same time, through the “Leaf Multisensor“, it collects data regarding the conditions under the plants’ foliage (temperature, wind, relative humidity and leaf wetness), ensuring maximum accuracy in the monitoring of the crop.

Source: Ypaithros Chora, Issue 150, Page 11

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