Presentation of Agrotiki Kainotomia and the role of Smart Farming

Presentation of Agrotiki Kainotomia and the role of Smart Farming

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The event for the official launch of Agrotiki Kainotomia (the Greek term for Agricultural Innovation), the new initiative based on the creative partnership of the agricultural (agricultural cooperatives), scientific (geotechnical offices) and technological sector (NEUROPUBLIC, as the most powerful company providing smart farming services in Greece), was highly successful.

The event took place on Wednesday December 5th at the Royal Olympic Hotel Athens and was attended by more than 200 participants, including agronomists, representatives of agricultural cooperatives, bodies of the broader private and public sector that are activated in the agrifood sector as well as researchers.

Παρουσίαση της νέας πρωτοβουλίας με τίτλο Αγροτική Καινοτομία

In the context of the event, the new initiative was officially announced, along with its shareholders and the solutions that it will provide in order to reform the Greek agricultural sector through the exploitation of new technologies and the provision of innovative new type agricultural services.

During the event, members of the Board of Directors (BoD) of Agrotiki Kainotomia highlighted the main points of this new effort, presenting the challenges that it aims to address as well as the specific solutions that it will provide to producers, agricultural advisors and other stakeholders. More specifically, the President of Agrotiki Kainotomia and of the Consortium of Agricultural Cooperatives of Imathia Perfecture Mr. Christos Giannakakis referred to the weaknesses of the agricultural sector in Greece that make Greek agricultural products less competitive in the international markets.

Following up, Vice President of the new organization and former Secretary General of the Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food Mr. Nikos Stoupis referred to the necessity of developing a new type of advisory services for the agricultural sector and the issues raised by its absence until now. Mr. Apostolos Ioannidis, President and CEO of EUROAGRO S.A. and member of the BoD of Agrotiki Kainotomia, talked about the first steps of the new body and the way in which the new type of advisory will be implemented in Greece.

Agrotiki Kainotomia Stoupis

In the same context, Mr. Panagiotis Kakafikas, President of AEIFORIKI S.A. and Board member of Agrotiki Kainotomia, focused on Measure 2 of the Rural Development Programme and more specifically in the way in which the measure should me implemented in order to ensure its maximum efficiency.

The role of smart farming in this new initiative was highlighted by Dr. Fotis Chatzipapadopoulos, President of NEUROPUBLIC S.A. and Board member of Agrotiki Kainotomia, who presented quantitative results from the application of the smart farming services of gaiasense in various crops and highlighted the role of the agricultural advisor in the use of these services. During his speech, Dr. Chatzipapadopoulos explained the way in which gaiasense combines technology with scientific knowledge and research outcomes in order to become a valuable tool for the agricultural advisory services.


Moreover, the President of the Geotechnical Chamber of Greece Mr. Spytos Mamalis and Professor Aggelos Patakas, Director of the Laboratory of Plant Production, University of Patras presented the role of sciences in agricultural advisory and smart farming respectively. Following up, Mr. Dimitris Kapnias, Director of the IACS project of GAIA EPICHEIREIN highlighted the necessity of new type advisory services and at a higher level, the digitization of agriculture in the context of the new Common Agricultural Policy.

The event was concluded with a wrap up of the discussions by Mr. Ioannis Koufoudakis, CEO of NEUROPUBLIC and Board Member of Agrotiki Kainotomia, who also presented the vision of this new initiative and referred to the way in which it will be implemented.

The smart farming services of gaiasense are at the core of the advisory services that will be offered by Agrotiki Kainotomia.

You can find more information on the website of Agrotiki Kainotomia.

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