Smart Farming for climate change adaptation in Cyprus

Smart Farming for climate change adaptation in Cyprus

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Researchers from the Agricultural Research Institute of Cyprus and NEUROPUBLIC co-authored a scientific article titled “Smart Farming Techniques for Climate Change Adaptation in Cyprus“.

The article was recently published in the scientific journal Atmosphere of the pioneer in scholarly open access publishing MDPI, and refers to the innovative “Smart Farming as a Service (SFaaS)” approach of gaiasense, which eliminates the need for investment in expensive technological equipment.

The publication describes the gaiasense pilot application in potato fields in Cyprus, probably the most well-known and highly exported agricultural product of Cyprus, and the potential of significant reduction in the consumption of irrigation water consumption and the optimization of crop protection measures that lead to significant environmental benefits.

It is important to notice that the authors highlight the role of  gaiasense as an agricultural management approach that contributes to the adaptation of agriculture to climate change, and at the same time it can help farmers to reduce the environmental footprint of their production.

You can read the scientific article on Atmosphere journal website.

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