Smart Farming at the heart of agricultural advisory services

Smart Farming at the heart of agricultural advisory services

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The Farmers’ Service Center of Imathia organized an informational event for the presentation of the company “Agrotiki Kainotomia” (Agricultural Innovation), a company that provides innovative agricultural advisory services based on the gaiasense system. The event was held on Friday 29 March at the offices of the National Interprofessional Organization of Stone Fruits at Makrohori Veria.

The event started with a press conference, with the participation of Agrotiki Kainotomia’s President Mr. Giannakakis,  Vice-President Mr. Kakafikas and Board Members Mr. Chatzipapadopoulos and Mr. Sdrakas.

During the press conference, the Head of gaiasense Mr. Chatzipapadopoulos said:

Technology in agriculture nowadays has begun to become fashion, but it is not the end in itself, and this is exactly what Agrotiki Kainotomia advocates. It puts technology in the role of  a catalyst and the goal is to increase the income of the Greek producer in combination with an improvement of the product quality and the reduction of the environmental footprint. This is something that technology does not achieve by itself.

Necessary components for this to happen are the collaboration between agricultural advisors and producers and the significant contribution of research centers and scientists because in our country, agricultural research has a long history with many results and distinguished scientists.

The negative part of this research is that it has not been exploited in the primary sector. Agrotiki Kainotomia aspires to exploit technology as a catalyst along with the human resources of professional agricultural advisors, to bridge the gap with the scientific research found in the archives and notebooks of various universities and to apply it. Apply it in the case of all producers, no matter what the financial or the physical size of the agricultural holding.

Then, during the informative event, Mr. Chatzipapadopoulos referred to the benefits of smart farming for the producers, paying particular attention to the financial and environmental benefits. He highlighted the role of the data that the gaiasense system collects from various sources, explaining the importance of combining satellite data with point measurements, but also with other data types for the operation of the system’s smart farming services.

Continuing, he referred to the irrigation, fertilization and plant protection services, highlighting the role of the agricultural advisor in the process and presented the new personalized agricultural warnings service for extreme weather conditions.

Closing his presentation, Mr. Chatzipapadopoulos provided information on the pricing of the services, which is based on an annual subscription fee estimated as a percentage of the benefit the producer will have from the services.

More information about the event can be found in the full article of the news site

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