Smart Farming: The antidote to the negative effects of climate change

Smart Farming: The antidote to the negative effects of climate change

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The 2nd Agricultural Conference of the Association of Agricultural Cooperative Organizations and Enterprises of Greece (S.A.S.O.E.E.), on the topic “Climate Change and Rural Development” took place on Friday 15th of March 2019 in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The purpose of the Conference was to exchange views on the impact of climate change on agriculture and livestock farming, as well as on the Greek economy in general. The theme of the Conference covered all aspects of the agrifood chain, ranging from primary production to exports, as well as finance, technology, innovation, etc. in the agricultural sector.

Mr. Fotis Chatzipapadopoulos, Ηead of gaiasense and President of NEUROPUBLIC S.A. was among the speakers of the Conference and referred to climate change and the problems it creates to agricultural production, stressing that many of them can be successfully addressed through smart farming.

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Mr. Chatzipapadopoulos referred to the gaiasense smart farming system and the services it provides to producers and agricultural advisors, supporting them in making decisions that directly affect production. In this context he presented the way in which the system makes use of various types of data and scientific models to provide the farmer with an overview of his crops’ needs at any time and from any place to be timely informed about the possibility of an infection by a particular pest or disease and plan the necessary sprayings accordingly, to avoid wasting the irrigation water by knowing when and how much he should irrigate, to reduce the use of pesticides, and so on.

Smart Farming is the antidote to the negative impact of climate change on agricultural production

Finally, Mr. Chatzipapadopoulos pointed out not only the economic benefit that the producers gain from the implementation of the smart farming services but also the environmental one achieved through the reduced use of inputs and better management of natural resources.

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