The infrastructure of gaiasense in Cyprus gets an upgrade

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The infrastructure of gaiasense in Cyprus serves the needs of IoT4Potato – Data Driven Potato Production (Use Case 1.6) which takes place in the context…

Smart Farming for climate change adaptation in Cyprus

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Researchers from the Agricultural Research Institute of Cyprus and NEUROPUBLIC co-authored a scientific article titled “Smart Farming Techniques for Climate Change Adaptation in Cyprus“. The…


The gaiasense data acquisition infrastructure in Cyprus gets an upgrade

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NEUROPUBLIC recently updated the gaiasense data acquisition infrastructure in Cyprus, in collaboration with the Agriculture Research Institute  of Cyprus and local producers. The update refers…

IoT4Potato: Smart farming services for potato production in Cyprus (and more)

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Earlier this week, an interesting meeting of the Data-Driven Potato Production (IoT4Potato) Use Case of the Internet of Food & Farm 2020 project took place…

LIFE Cyclamen Networking event - Presentation

Smart farming in the LIFE Cyclamen networking event

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The LIFE Cyclamen project organized a networking event for LIFE projects, and in particular for potential beneficiaries of the LIFE Programme. The event took place…

3ο Παγκύπριο Συνέδριο Γεωργίας - πάνελ

gaiasense at the 3rd Pancyprian Agriculture Conference

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The 3rd Pancyprian Agriculture Conference was held on December 4 2019, at Nicosia, Cyprus with the participation of a large number of representatives of the…

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