A successful gaiasense event on smart farming for table grapes

A successful gaiasense event on smart farming for table grapes

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The gaiasense event on the application of the gaiasense smart farming system in the table grapes’ cultivation at the area of Kiato, Corinth was completely successful. The event took place on Monday, March 12 2018 between 18.00-20.00 at the Conference Center of Mallios Bros at Kiato, Corinth and was attended by more than 80 table grapes producers. The aim of the event was the presentation of the results from the application of gaiasense in selected vineyards of the area as well as the expansion of the gaiasense network through the participation of a higher number of producers during the next cultivation period.

The event started with Mr. Kostas Michos, Smart Farming Project Manager of NEUROPUBLIC, who presented the concept of smart farming and the way that it is implemented in Greece through gaiasense.

The scientific collaborators of the gaiasense, Dr. Aggelos Patakas (Professor, Laboratory of Plant Production, University of Patras) and Dr. Thomas Thomidis (Ass. Professor of Plant Pathology, ΑΤΕΙ of Thessaloniki) referred to aspects regarding the irrigation and crop protection of table grapes, respectively. More specifically, Mr. Patakas referred to the role of irrigation for the production of high quality grapes as well as the need for rationalized irrigation due to the reduced availability of irrigation water. In this context, he presented the methodology followed for the calculation of the optimal irrigation dose and the way that gaiasense provides irrigation advice to the participating producers. From his side, Mr. Thomidis focused on the enemies of table grapes and presented the way in which gaiasense makes use of atmospheric data for monitoring the infection/infestation risk of the vineyards by pests and diseases respectively, in order to issue the appropriate warning when needed.

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Mr. Giannis Galatoulas from GAIA EPICHEREIN, presented the financing tools available for funding an investment in smart farming and therefore the adoption of the gaiasense smart farming system. Following up, NEUROPUBLIC‘s President Dr. Fotis Chatzipapadopoulos referred to the cost of the gaiasense services, highlighting the importance of the gaiasense network expansion in the area in order to keep the subscription cost low.

At the moment, there are 10 gaiatron telemetric stations installed in vineyards of the area, covering a total area of about 600 hectares; the area is highly heterogeneous with significant geomorphological variations, a fact that raises the need for a more dense network of stations.

The event was concluded by a short talk by Mr. Mark Legas, President of the Pegasus Agrifood Coop “7 Grapes”, who highlighted the role of new approaches in the production of agricultural products – not only for improving the competitiveness of the products but also for conforming with the constantly stricter regulations of EU regarding the environmental footprint and the levels of residues.

After the end of the event, participants has the opportunity to engage in discussions with the gaiasense team and express their interest in participating in the gaiasense project starting with the upcoming cultivation period.

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