Can you imagine how easier
your job would be
if you had the best tools
in your hands?

gaiasense is here
for you!

You are a professional. You know that in order to do your job you need the right tools. The farmer has at his disposal agricultural machinery and equipment – so you also need those tools that will facilitate your work.

Up to now, as an agricultural advisor, you rely almost exclusively on field observations. Your only tool is your eyes, while in practice there are data that you do not have access to or you cannot easily use.

To provide good advice, you should have a look at all the data without skipping or forgetting any of them. These refer to atmospheric, soil and biological data, as well as nutrition, irrigation and plant protection issues.

The gaiasense system is the reliable partner to meet this need in the best possible way. Its services give you access to various types of data that are processed and in a comprehensible form. Now, as an agricultural advisor, based on your experience and knowledge, you can transform these data into a valid and effective advice for the producer.

Discover the benefits

Integrated and more efficient services

Provision of better services to producers, in the form of agricultural advice.

An integrated web application to keep track of each farm’s history and cultivation activities. It eliminates the autonomous and different tools that are traditionally used and constitutes a part of a platform with great potentials.

Ability to perform organized controls and on-site observations through smartphone applications. Immediate synchronization of these data with the gaiasense platform.

Reduction of production risks by making their identification easier and management more effective.

Supports decision making, based not only on your experience and knowledge, but also on scientific knowledge and accurate data.

Quick implementation of controls thanks to constantly updated information on each parcel you handle.

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