Data-enabled farming with a human touch

Data-enabled farming with a human touch

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Ms. Elli Tsiforou, Head of GAIA Epicheirein’s Brussels Office, participated today in DIGITALEUROPE‘s Digital in Practice Programme titled «Data-enabled farming with a human touch». The panel also consisted of Alina Ujupan, Member of the Cabinet of Commissioner Mariya Gabriel, and Dr. George Beers, Programme Manager of the Wageningen University.

DigitalEurope DiPP Workshop on digital farming

Ms. Tsiforou presented the strategic planning and the results so far of the coordinated effort by GAIA Epicheirein and NEUROPUBLIC for the digitization of Greek agricultural sector through the innovative smart farming platform gaiasense, which aims at improving production, reducing the production costs, ensuring the sustainability and improving the competitiveness of the Greek agricultural sector.

At the same time, Ms. Tsiforou mentioned that the digital revolution is not a machine revolution but a revolution with the human on the spotlight, as a result of synergies and exchange of knowledge between actors with a different specialization that are based on the accuracy of digital data to support in the best way both the producer and his advisor.

The event took place on June 20, 2018 at the offices of DIGITALEUROPE in Brussels.

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