Can I improve
my production and
reduce its costs?

gaiasense can
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We know what it means to be a farmer.

Every day you face a series of challenges. You are anxious about your cultivation’s diseases and the extreme weather phenomena. You need to decide daily on issues that have a major impact on your production.

So far, you decide according to your experience and perhaps the scientific knowledge of your area’s agronomist. Many times, however, in order to understand what is happening in your field, you should ask specialized scientists who are often unavailable. You are anxious that you are not making the best decisions about your cultivation and you see that you are losing the performance and quality of your production.

gaiasense is here for you:
It provides you with scientific knowledge and reliable information to deal with the dangers and problems of production in the best and most reliable way.

Discover the benefits

Your job becomes easier and more efficient

  • The gaiasense system, along with the agricultural advisor who harnesses its tools, accurately calculates the quantities of fertilizers, pesticides and irrigation water that are required by each crop under specific conditions. Combined with their timely application, they prevent excessive and unnecessary use. This significantly reduces your production cost and increases your profit.

  • Based on the information that is provided by gaiasense and the guidance of the agricultural advisor, you can determine the exact amount and type of nutrients and the amount of water that your cultivation needs. This ensures the increase of your production and the improvement of the quality of your products. In addition, the shelf life of the production is increased thanks to the robustness of the fruits.

  • gaiasense provides the ability to constantly record different parameters of the cultivation that have an impact on the environment. This helps towards the reduction of environmental risks such as biological imbalance, water scarcity and desertification that are often caused by intensive agriculture.

  • The product that is produced with the help of the gaiasense service system gains added value because it has better quality characteristics and therefore enjoys better prices. These products are produced with methods that reduce the environmental footprint due to the reduced use of pesticides and fertilizers and with the assistance of traceability they become more attractive to the consumer.

  • Using the gaiasense services, you have at all times a picture of the risk that your cultivation has concerning the pests (insects) and diseases (fungi).

    In addition, along with the responsible agricultural advisor who makes use of the gaiasense tools, you can choose the most appropriate time for the application of chemical plant protection measures (sprayings). The controlled and accurate use of pesticides results in the production of safer and better quality food.

The use of gaiasense services leads you to truly increase your profit and improve the competitiveness of your products.

gaiasense in practice

gaiasense αγρότης παράδειγμα

How you can make plant protection “smarter”?

By using the gaiasense tools, you and your agronomist can now be informed about the actual risk of a particular pest or disease based on the prevailing conditions. In case it is really necessary, the system guides you through the best time for the application of pesticides.

In this way you can even achieve a reduction in the number of required applications but with an improvement in their efficiency, since applications will only be used when there is a real risk.

Using the gaiasense services to help protect your crop, you actually achieve a reduction in production cost. At the same time, you improve the quality of your products (thanks to the reduced pesticide residue) and you actively protect the environment.

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