The digitization of Greek agriculture and gaiasense on the Hellenic Parliament TV

The digitization of Greek agriculture and gaiasense on the Hellenic Parliament TV

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On November 10 2018, the Hellenic Parliament TV broadcasted a panel discussion themed “The digitization of Greek Agriculture” in the series of broadcasts titled “KARTA MELOUS” (Member’s Card). The discussion was moderated by the experienced journalist Mrs. Matroni Dikaiakou and raised a huge interest ον the agricultural production for Greece and European Union in general.

The discussion panel included Mr. Giannis Sarros, journalist of Greek agricultural newspaper Ypaithros Chora, and Mr. Markos Leggas, table grapes’ producer who uses and exploits smart farming for managing his production and President of the Pegasus Coop-Producers Organization “7 Grapes”.

Το gaiasense στη Βουλή ΤηλεόρασηIn addition, the panel included Mr. Stergios Dimou-Sakellariou, Mechanical Engineer of NEUROPUBLIC and responsible for the design and production of the gaiasense telemetric stations as well as the head of gaiasense Internet of Things network development in Greece, and Mr. Kostas Michos, agronomist and Manager of the Smart Farming projects of NEUROPUBLIC, who talked about the benefits and the results of the application of smart farming in Greek agriculture.

Throughout the discussion, there were various references to the Greek smart farming system gaiasense, a unique system for the digitization of the Greek agricultural sector, innovative at both national and international level.

You can watch the discussion at the following video (Greek only)

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