Did you know
that smart farming

can lead you
to future?

Smart farming is an integrated approach for the management of agricultural activities. It can lead to a significant reduction in costs along with a significant qualitative and quantitative improvement in agricultural production.

It exploits modern technologies and scientific knowledge in a way that you to take the more appropriate decisions about your production, therefore benefiting both your pocket and the environment.


Welcome a
Greek technological
global innovation

gaiasense is a Greek smart farming system that continuously records and analyzes data and measurements from your fields and offers you all those technological tools that will lead you to significant economic and environmental benefit.

The most important benefits

from the use of smart farming
at a glance

gaiasense has proven to offer a series of benefits to your work:

  • Reduction in the use of pesticides, fertilizers and irrigation water
  • Effectively addressing the threats that affect production
  • Qualitative and quantitative improvement of production
  • Added value to agricultural products
  • Reduction of environmental impacts
  • Compliance with the regulatory framework of EU

This actually means a big
“Economic and Environmental Benefit”

gais sense is 1 system 4 dimensions

which covers the real needs
of your production

gaiasense remote


Every few days a new image from space enters gaiasense and reveals information about your plants’ growth and the status of your crops wherever they are.

gaiasense field


In representative points of Greek agricultural land and within crops there are gaiasense sensors that constantly take measurements from air, soil and plants.

gaiasense eye


The network of specialists working with gaiasense, is equipped with modern tools that enter inside the crops, observe, collect samples, analyze and count things that cannot be measured differently.

gaiasense farm


The producer digitally records his work, the inputs he applies and the results of his harvest. Easily and without having any knowledge of computer technologies.

gaiasense digital presentation

See how you can benefit

from gaiasense

gaiasense αγρότης οφέλη

Are You A Farmer?

Improve your production in many ways, benefit financially and take advantage of new features for your product.

gaiasense γεωργικός σύμβουλος οφέλη

Are You an
Agricultural Advisor?

Offer new advisory services that you have not been able to do until now, seal your work with scientific documentation and gain access to the professional prospects of the new digital era in agriculture.

gaiasense ερευνητής οφέλη

Are you a Researcher?

Gain access to important data, test your research under real conditions, develop it, and make profit out of it.

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