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The gaiasense system is a Greek innovation that combines information technologies with agronomic science in a holistic way. gaiasense is pioneering at a European level in the field of smart farming. It enhances and optimizes the decision making and precise applications in agricultural crops no matter how small or large scale they are.

gaiasense collects data from the field, the satellite, the scientist, and the farmer, and provides the tools to the agricultural advisor, the researcher and the farmer in order for them to take advantage of every opportunity to produce better, more and economical agricultural product from the Greek land.

The European innovation of gaiasense is that it concerns everyone.

For the first time each farmer can benefit even if he has few acres of land. And even without having to invest money in technological equipment.

For the first time, each agricultural advisor can use all four dimensional tools in order to learn about all aspects of his client’s crops.

For the first time, the researcher has a tool that acquires large-scale data from all farming areas and can test the result of his research in a productive, real-world environment.

How many dimensions are opened to your work
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gaiasense today … and tomorrow

The gaiasense platform is a multi-dimensional, integrated smart farming system that facilitates the work of farmers, agricultural advisors and research scientists.

gaiasense was developed entirely in Greece by NEUROPUBLIC S.A. and has been successfully implemented over the last years in Greek territory.

Today, gaiasense covers more than 25 different types of cultivations and its infrastructure is installed in 70 different regions throughout Greece covering more than 150.000 acres.

Over time, the areas that are covered by gaiasense are more than doubled. In a few years, most of the Greek agricultural land will be covered. Priority is given to the integration of new regions where there is more interest in terms of the local productive economy.

Early expression of interest helps to bring gaiasense closer to you.

Smart farming in 4 dimensions

What makes gaiasense unique

It is complete.

It is an integrated production management system that takes and processes data from 4 dimensions. In this way, it utilizes all available technology in order to take the right decisions that lead to its economic and environmental benefits.

It is economical.

It can be easily adopted even by smallholder farmers. With zero investment in equipment and a minimum annual subscription fee, it provides access to all the modern technologies, equipment and software it uses.

It is accurate.

Because it starts with data collection, it utilizes all the available scientific knowledge of the partners, engages the agricultural advisor in decision-making, trains the producer in field applications and measures the result. Thus it keeps becoming better and more accurate.

It is adjustable.

In each different region, for each type of soil, for each microclimate, for each variety, gaiasense is accordingly adjusted. It’s not a “canned” solution that comes from afar in order to offer foreign solutions to local problems. A purely Greek system that adjusts to every Greek field and culture.

gaiasense ένα σύστημα τεσσάρων διαστάσεων

The people

behind gaiasense

NEUROPUBLIC and GAIA EPICHEIREIN, in collaboration with geotechnicals, agricultural cooperatives, producers’ groups, agricultural enterprises, agro-food industries, implement the gaiasense smart farming services.

οι συντελεστές του gaiasense

The spatial deployment

of gaiasense today

Curent installations

  • Aegina
  • Alexandroupoli
  • Asterousia
  • Velventos
  • Velestino
  • Veria
  • Edessa
  • Elassona
  • Episkopi
  • Kalivia
  • Katerini
  • Kileler
  • Kolymvari
  • Komotini
  • Larissa
  • Neapoli
  • Nemea
  • Nevrokopi
  • Orestiada
  • Oropedio
  • Peplos
  • Poteidaia
  • Prespes
  • Rethimno
  • Spata
  • Stimagka
  • Stilida
  • Sfakia

Future installations

  • Agioi Apostoloi
  • Gargalianoi
  • Zevgolateio
  • Zitsa
  • Ierapetra
  • Kavala
  • Karditsa
  • Mantineia
  • Molos
  • Nafplio
  • Pyrgos
  • Tegea
  • Chiliomodi
  • Chios

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