gaiasense eye

The dimension of observing
and analyzing
the cultivation closely

gaiasense eye light

gaiasense eye allows information to be recorded by agricultural consultants and producers in the field.

The information is related to the state of cultivation, through field observations and sampling.

With gaiasense eye, the producer or agricultural advisor makes several observations during their field visit using gaiasense’s specially designed smartphone applications. Such information includes observing symptoms of infection or infestation, counting insects in insect traps, etc., but also data that come from analysis such as soil and leaf sampling.

gaiasense διάσταση eye

The data that comes into the system from the gaiasense eye complements those coming from the other dimensions with vital information about the plant, soil, water and air that are not technically feasible to measure by telemetric stations or remote sensing.

gaiasense διάσταση eye

gaiasense eye, however, gives those tools that drastically simplify their collection and automate their digitization so that they can be exploited by the service that its users enjoy.

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