gaiasense farm

The dimension of recording
and evaluating
any significant action
that takes place within the field

gaiasense farm light

gaiasense farm is a very important dimension of recording the actions that the producer takes in his field and crop.

In order for the user to make the most of the benefits gaiasense can give to the crop of a particular field, the farmer who cultivates the field should become part of the exploitation of the gaiasense farm.

gaiasense offers the information system to record all information that is related to the daily cultivation work of the producer such as fertilization application, plant protection, time and duration of irrigation. This is the full and detailed picture of the exploitation, which contributes significantly to the decision-making process.

gaiasense διάσταση farm

gaiasense farm specializes in computer and mobile applications designed for both agricultural consultants and producers in order to make digital recording of the cultivation work in a fast, simple but integrated way.

gaiasense διάσταση farm

gaiasense farm completes the other gaiasense information collection dimensions in order to fully capture everything that happens within the parcel. This is also the key for the smart farming to work properly and lead to the best possible decision-making on all farming issues.

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