gaiasense remote

The dimension of seeing
crops from above

gaiasense remote light

gaiasense remote collects, processes and exploits information for every part of the parcel.

The information is acquired from sources such as satellites, aircraft and other aerial vehicles that are equipped with state-of-the-art image capturing systems. The gaiasense remote dimension is utilized to allow gaiasense and its users have a detailed and up-to-date picture of the plant’s vitality and the status of the soil.

The status of the plants and soil is represented in the form of indices which value change in space and time, such as vegetation / health plant indices (NDVI), indices of the soil’s water status (NDWI), etc. These indices can be used along with information from the gaiasense field dimension, referring to atmospheric and soil and other records in the gaiasense farm and gaiasense eye dimensions that are related to the cultivation activities of the producer and observations that are acquired through the field respectively.

gaiasense διάσταση remote

The gaiasense remote information provides us with an overview of crops and land fields for the variability they have but also for their change over time during the growing season. This facilitates for instance the identification of significant variations between different growing seasons for a particular parcel or area.

gaiasense διάσταση remote

In this way a series of decisions are supported that concern the management of specific crops or even the cultivation of the variety itself, the specific type of soil and the microclimatic conditions that are prevailing.

Through gaiasense, information is made available in a simple and easy to use format that can be easily exploited by the producer or his advisor.

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