NEUROPUBLIC presents gaiasense at the Final Event of Internet of Food and Farm 2020

NEUROPUBLIC presents gaiasense at the Final Event of Internet of Food and Farm 2020

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The EU project Internet of Food and Farm 2020 – IoF2020 held its final event between 16 and 18 March 2021. Just before the end of the project, the event provided the opportunity for presenting the project’s outcomes and the exchange of views and experiences between the project partners and the participants in an interactive way.

NEUROPUBLIC was among the invited speakers of the event, as the coordinator of the Use Case 1.6 “Data-Driven Potato Production or IoT4Potato, which aimed to support potato production with services based on Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and Earth Observation data.

More specifically, in the context of the Use Case, gaiasense-based smart farming services and technological tools were developed in order to achieve reduced production costs, improved quality and reduced environmental footprint of potato production in Cyprus, Poland and Ukraine.

Nikos Kalatzis, NEUROPUBLIC’s Technical Project Manager and Coordinator of IoT4Potato, was among the invited speakers and presented the results of the specific Use Case. Starting with the presentation of the gaiasense smart farming system, Mr. Kalatzis focused on the way in which gaiasense was applied in potato production of the three aforementioned countries.

The presentation covered different aspects, such as the setup of the data acquisition system in these three countries, the development of specialized application for the data visualization as well as the irrigation and crop protection scientific models for each case.

The presentation was completed with a reference to the targets achieved in the context of IoT4Potato as well as the challenges that had to be addressed or will have to be addressed in the future, regarding the application of the technological solutions that were developed in the context of the Use Case in different countries.

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