Presentation of the gaiasense system at the 23rd MARS Conference

Presentation of the gaiasense system at the 23rd MARS Conference

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The gaiasense smart farming system was presented at the 23rd MARS Conference, which took place between 28 and 29 of November 2017 at Gormanston, Ireland.


The Conference was organized by the EC’s Joint Research Center (JRC), in collaboration with DG AGRI and Ireland’s Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM). The aim of the Conference was the presentation and discussion of experiences and related updates of EU member states about the Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS), as well as the related advances in the simplification and modernization of the new CAP.

NEUROPUBLIC participated in the Conference with a presentation titled “Effective agricultural monitoring for the new CAP” and a booth in which the technological tools and the functionalities of gaiasense were exhibited.

gaiasense @ MARS 23 Conference

During the first part of the presentation, Kostas Karalas (MSc) analyzed the technological framework of gaiasense as well as its capabilities. At the same time, he demonstrated to the audience the way in which gaiasense supports in an innovative way the development of smart farming services in Greece.

Following up, Panagiotis Ilias (Ph.D.) presented the way in which technology through Smart Farming can effectively support the CAP’s targets and how the agricultural sector, CAP as well as governing systems like IACS can interoperate in the context of digital economy with other platforms, like gaiasense, creating in this way added value and the conditions that favor the development of scale and scope in the agrifood sector.

During the two days of the Conference, both participants and organizers (JRC) had the opportunity to be informed about the gaiasense system and see the operation of the system real time and with real data.


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