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under real conditions?

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We know that one of the main problems that you face as a researcher is the lack of ability to apply your research results in practice.

For example, entomologists and plant pathologists develop models for the appearance of crop pests and diseases or adapt models to Greek conditions. They test them in experimental fields of their research organizations without being able to expand and control their application on a larger scale.

At the same time, as researchers, you need real data (such as atmospheric, soil and biologic data) in order to be able to design, customize and validate your scientific models. This is not always feasible, as the necessary data either do not exist or are not accessible. Researchers and scientists such as soil scientists, plant nutrition and physiology scientists, and so on, have similar needs.

For you as a researcher, the gaiasense platform enables you to test your research results in real-world conditions in fields of collaborated producers. At the same time, you gain access to valuable data that will help you validate or control your research results in practice.

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Multiple models and plenty
of data is available to you

gaiasense is a dynamic, extensible platform that can integrate new scientific models and ensure their experimental application on large-scale land fields and specific crops.

It offers an enormous amount of data that can be accessed by researchers for research purposes. With gaiasense, research in the agro-food sector can now be supported and verified under real conditions.

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