Smart farming and (Common) Agricultural Policy

Smart farming and (Common) Agricultural Policy

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Smart Farming and Agricultural Policy” was the title of the Workshop held on Saturday April 6th at Trikala Imathias, a rural area of Northern Greece. It was the 7th Workshop for the Agricultural Economics and Rural Development organized in this area, following the successful series of these events.

The subject of this event was the presentation of smart farming as an innovative approach for the management of agricultural production, as well as its role in the agricultural policy making and implementation.

Ημερίδα "Ευφυής Γεωργία και Αγροτική Πολιτική"This year’s event was attended by farmers and representatives of agricultural cooperatives, academics and researchers, representatives of companies active in the agri-food sector and stakeholders of the smart farming sector. Among the participants was Tassos Haniotis, Director of Strategy, Simplification and Policy Analysis, Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Commission, who referred, among others, the related decisions of the European Commission and the challenges faced by the EU State Members in shaping the new Common Agricultural Policy.

Fotis Chatzipapadopoulos, President of NEUROPUBLIC and Head of gaiasense was among the invited speakers. In his presentation titled “Smart farming for everyone” Mr. Chatzipapadopoulos referred to the need for digitizing Greek agriculture and the role of smart farming in this context. He also referred to the role of technology, especially in relation to precision agriculture, as well as the role of data, scientific knowledge and the experience of agricultural advisors in the process.

As regards the data, Mr. Chatzipapadopoulos explained the four dimensions / data sources of gaiasense and the way in which they are combined for providing a full picture of the farm. He also highlighted the core role of agricultural advisors in the process, who, based on their knowledge and experience, are the ones who can evaluate the system’s advice and guide the producer into its implementation.

Mr. Chatzipapadopoulos concluded by making a special reference to the telemetric agrometeorological stations of gaiasense, as well as to the way that the gaiasense smart farming services are offered, making them particularly accessible even to smallholder farmers.

Ημερίδα Τρίκαλα Ημαθίας gaiasenseYou can find a report from the Workshop on the Periskopisi website. as well as on the Ypaithros Chora online newspaper.

About the series of Workshops on Agricultural Economics and Rural Development

The Workshops on Agricultural Economics and Rural Development at the old Primary School of Trikala Imathias, are a well-established series as this year marks its seventh consecutive year.

These informative and participatory workshops take place in the area where there is agriculture and where the problems and especially the prospects are tangible: Inside the plain, at the heart of Roumlouki – far from the university amphitheater and the brilliant lights of luxurious conference centers. Where knowledge is absolutely necessary: in a rural area that is now particularly plagued by the financial crisis and where young people are desperate for opportunities.

These workshops aim to produce knowledge, information and food for thought. The speakers of the workshops are selected technocrats, highly knowledgeable of the subject, who can develop the topics in a simplified way, without sacrificing the necessary scientific validity. The workshops are attended by farmers, members of agricultural cooperatives, entrepreneurs and professionals in their field, with experience, deep knowledge and insights.

The workshops target mainly young people – aiming at restarting the youth – and thereby re-starting agriculture and development. (Source:

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