The infrastructure of gaiasense in Cyprus gets an upgrade

The infrastructure of gaiasense in Cyprus gets an upgrade

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The infrastructure of gaiasense in Cyprus serves the needs of IoT4Potato – Data Driven Potato Production (Use Case 1.6) which takes place in the context of the Internet of Food and Farm 2020 (IoF2020) project. The Use Case works on the development and implementation of smart farming services for potato production, and was recently selected among others to extend its activities and ensure its collaboration with Use Case 4.5.

In order to ensure the best possible acquisition of soil data, the soil sensors of gaiasense that are installed in potato fields at Liopetri, Cyprus were replaced with new ones.

The removal of the previous soil sensors and the installation of the new ones was successfully undertaken by staff of the Agricultural Research Institute of Cyprus (ARI), one of the Use Case partners, as due to the restrictions posed for addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, it was not possible for NEUROPUBLIC‘s specialized staff to travel to Cyprus for the specific activity.

The next harvest of potatoes produced with the support of the gaiasense smart farming services is expected mid-January 2021, as long as the conditions are suitable.

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