The people

behind gaiasense


NEUROPUBLIC is the company that develops all the technological components of the gaiasense system, namely software, telemetric stations, computing systems. In addition, it has the operational responsibility for the development and operation of the station system throughout Greece.

With over 10 years of activity in the field of information technology for the agricultural sector, the company translates its vast experience into a unique project that can effectively reorganize Greek agricultural production.


GAIA EPICHEIREIN is the entity that coordinates the cooperation and marketing networks of the gaiasense system.

NEUROPUBLIC and GAIA EPICHEIREIN in cooperation with geotechnical, cooperative, producer groups, agricultural companies and agro-food industries implement the gaiasense Smart farming services in over 10 different crops in different regions of Greece. Year after year this number is multiplied.

Objective of services

The aim of the services is to put an end to the accumulated problems related to the waste of resources in agriculture, the inexplicable use of pesticides and fertilizers, the poor management of irrigation water, the lack of focused treatment of diseases that have been a major problem for many years for the agricultural world and reduce dramatically its profits.

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To whom they are addressed

The gaiasense services were developed to serve all farmers, agricultural associations and cooperatives, geotechnical advisors, researchers, commercial and business organizations associated with the agricultural sector.

At a scientific level, services can be exploited by university and research institutions related to agriculture and technology in order to make their research more effective and connect it more directly to the needs of the rural economic operators.

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