What is smart farming and how is it applied in Greece?

What is smart farming and how is it applied in Greece?

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«Focusing on CAP» is a telecast which aims at informing farmers and other stakeholders of the agrifood sector on topics including good practices of food production, environmental protection, innovations in the agrifood sector etc.

In the first part of the telecast which was dedicated to Smart Farming, Dr. Fotis Chatzipapadopoulos, President of NEUROPUBLIC S.A. and Mr. Kostas Michos, Smart Farming Project Manager of NEUROPUBLIC S.A. explain the concept of smart farming and define the role of technology, data and knowledge in the related processes.

The discussion goes into details about the way that smart farming is applied in Greece through the multidimensional integrated gaiasense system.

During the telecast, the panelists present the benefits of smart farming for the producers and the environment. They also highlight the role of the agricultural advisor in the process, as the actor combining scientific knowledge and practical experience who is able to evaluate the indications provided by the gaiasense services, adapt them accordingly and guide the farmers throughout the application of the advice in the field.

Last but not least, information on the current status and the next steps of the gaiasense network in Greece are provided.

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