4 December 2023

Why is the gaiasense app ideal for organizing your fields?

  • Planning, organization & monitoring
    In the gaiasense app, each field has its own “page”. Now, you can design your own field easily and quickly on the map, add name, area and crop to organize and monitor them better.
    On the tab’s map, you draw the perimeter of the parcel with your finger. If you are currently in your field, selecting the location button will focus the map on that specific point. Thus, the process of mapping and registering the field becomes even simpler, while with a “click” on the screen you see all the information corresponding to each.
  • Specialized information
    Each one of your fields appears in the application with its satellite image. By clicking on its image, you can have in your hands the following information for each: vegetation index (NDVI), water indicators, growing degree days, weather forecast, suitability of sprays.
    This way, you know what is happening in each of your plots, in a simple and understandable way and with a glance on your mobile phone. What does it offer you? Make the best decisions for your production and do your work easier and more efficiently.

With the gaiasense app you can monitor, plan and organize your fields, effortlessly, through your mobile phone.