gaiasense field

The dimension of monitoring
the crop’s growing

gaiasense field light

gaiasense field offers valuable information by recording, analyzing and interpreting atmospheric and soil data at specific points within the fields every time it passes, uninterruptedly.

These data are collected by the gaiatron telemetric stations, which are installed at selected points of selected parcels in order to be representative for each crop of a whole area.

Gaiatron stations are manufactured, installed and operated by gaiasense, without any financial burden for co-operating producers or agricultural advisors. They are designed and developed specifically for the needs of the gaiasense services and are part of an extensive Pan-Hellenic network that measures the environmental parameters.

The density of the gaiatron atmo atmospheric measurement stations’s network is such that at least one station corresponds to each type of crop in each microclimate zone, no matter how small that zone is. Accordingly, the density of the gaiatron soil measurement stations’ network is such that for each soil area and for each crop there is a station.

gaiasense διάσταση field

This creates a complete technological system of continuous monitoring of the environmental parameters that affect the crops.

gaiasense διάσταση field

The data that the gaiatron stations collect refer to the atmospheric, soil and biological parameters, such as air and soil temperature, air and soil humidity, soil salinity, leaf wetness, rainfall, solar radiation and so on.

The gaiasense field information is combined with the information gathered from other system dimensions and utilized to accurately calculate the needs of a plant for water, to identify the appropriate time for irrigation, to continually assess the risk of infection by pests and diseases, the monitoring of plants’ vitality, their rational fertilization and the timely qualitative and quantitative prediction of production.

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