Instructions for using the gaiasense app

Brief Presentation of gaiasense mobile app

The gaiasense mobile app is the smart phone application of the gaiasense intelligent farming system, which can be used even by a farmer who has no familiarity with the latest technologies – especially the older ones. The gaiasense mobile app is cost-effective and simple to use, essentially bringing intelligent agriculture to the mobile and hand of every farmer. In your hand.

Its goal is to help you get to know your field and crop better, to face production problems and risks and to understand the value of intelligent agriculture. In essence, it is the first step in your transition to the new digital age of agriculture.

Key features of gaiasense1

Plots of land

Selecting the Fields tab allows you to display your fields and provide specialized information about each one at a glance.

Clarification: The above fields are not changed except for the name field which can be changed by the operator.

Organization and Monitoring

Each parcel in gaiasense1 has its own ‘page’.

Now, you have the possibility to manually register your plots of land, drawing your fields on the map easily, through the mobile phone, regardless of whether you are a professional farmer, whether you make an IAS declaration or not.

By entering the application, in the FIELDS tab and selecting +ADD NEW, the tab of the new parcel opens. You must enter its name, select the crop and optionally the variety (if it exists), as well as the start of the growing season.

On the tab map, you draw the perimeter of the parcel with your finger. If you are currently in your field, selecting the location button will focus the map on where you are. Thus, the mapping process becomes even simpler.

In addition, the application allows you to modify the parcels tab at any time.

You can also sort your parcels alphabetically by distance from the user’s current location and by crop to better organize and track them. Thus, with one “click” you can see all the information corresponding to each one.

Specialized Information

  • Vegetation index
  • Water markers
  • Days of development
  • Weather forecast
  • Suitability of sprays

Crop Growth Factors

In gaiasense1 you can see how your crop develops within specific time intervals from two main factors, the growth days and the cold hours.

Days of Development

The growth rate of each plant depends to a significant extent on the temperature of the atmosphere throughout the vegetative and reproductive period. Specifically, the higher the temperature, the faster the growth rate. The calculation made by the gaiasense system in the days of growth is the most accurate and records every hour the temperature degrees above the growth threshold of the respective crop. In this way you can compare different plots of land or different growing seasons and understand in which cases you will have an early or late harvest and accordingly organize your work better to save valuable time.

In order for gaiasense1 to start counting growth days, the time point at which the culture was started must be determined. In perennial crops this is usually after dormancy and in annual crops immediately after sowing or transplanting. So you need to enter these dates so that the system can start calculating the degree days for the specific plot and crop.