Common Agricultural Policy

Μερική άποψη του κοινού της εκδήλωσης

gaiasense at Messinia and the role of smart farming in the new CAP

2016 1512 gaiasense - Ευφυής γεωργία

The Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Messinia, the Association of Agricultural Cooperatives and Enterprises of Greece (S.A.S.O.E.E.), NEUROPUBLIC and GAIA EPICHEREIN co organized an event on…

Παλιό Δημοτικό Σχολείο Τρίκαλα Ημαθίας

Smart farming and (Common) Agricultural Policy

1321 720 gaiasense - Ευφυής γεωργία

“Smart Farming and Agricultural Policy” was the title of the Workshop held on Saturday April 6th at Trikala Imathias, a rural area of Northern Greece.…

Fertilizers Europe Forum 10/7/2018

Discussions on the future CAP and the role of smart farming

2048 1536 gaiasense - Ευφυής γεωργία

Brussels, 10/07/2018 — At a critical juncture for the frame development of  the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) after 2020, GAIA EPICHEIREIN participated in a forum…

CAP post 2020 - Next stage kick off - BG Presidency Closing Event

The Common Agricultural Policy after 2020: Next phase kick off

1073 480 gaiasense - Ευφυής γεωργία

The Bulgarian Presidency of the European Union organized an event entitled ‘’CAP After 2020: Next Phase Kick Off’’ which aimed at providing an overview of the…

An agriculture that innovates and invests: A priority for CAP?

1024 343 gaiasense - Ευφυής γεωργία

Ms Elli Tsiforou, Head of GAIA EPICHEIREIN‘s Brussels Office participated in a recent TV discussion titled «An agriculture that innovates and invests: A priority for CAP?», that…

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