12 January 2024
Information meeting on avocados in Crete

gaiasense is always at the forefront to support and inform the farming community on the issues of the new CAP and the advantages of smart farming.

Therefore, on Thursday 11 January 2024, in the area of Vatolakkos in Chania and at the offices of the Agricultural Cooperative of Organic Producers of Chania, an information meeting was held within the framework of the European project FARMTOPIA.

As a result, the local producers were informed about the application of the gaiasense smart farming system in the cultivation of avocados by the agronomists Mr Christos Saltogiannis and Mr Stavros Panagakis, while the benefits of the use of smart irrigation and fertilization in avocados for both producers and the cooperative were mentioned.

In particular, there was reference on how much water the farmer can save thanks to the gaisense advice on avocados, as well as how one can use the data from the network’s agrometeorological stations to reduce the application of fertilizers.

As always, the event concluded with questions from the audience, while the producers were clearly pleased with both the nature and quality of the information they received.