Frequently Asked Questions

How do gaiasense services help me with irrigation?

The gaiasense1 package provides you with specialized information for each field, with water indicators such as reference evapotranspiration and precipitation, so you can make better decisions about your irrigation. In addition, from the satellite images and with the vegetation index at different stages of development for each of your fields, you can identify possible variation within a field that may be due to unevenness of the irrigation system or the soil.

In the gaiasense2 package you will have a personalized irrigation recommendation for each of your fields separately, which will indicate the appropriate day and amount of water each time you need to irrigate. The recommendation takes into account the specific attributes of crop in the microclimate of your area, as well as the type of soil and the irrigation and shaping system of each of your fields. The scientific model on which the recommendation is based is fed every hour by the data of atmospheric conditions prevailing in the area where each of your fields is located and thus constantly calculates the water status of the crop, which you can see at any time on your mobile. In addition, you will record your irrigations on your mobile, so that gaiasense can correctly calculate the day and the next day’s dose.

At the gaiasense3 level, the agricultural advisor will be able to support you on all issues related to the irrigation system of your fields, but also on your fertigation, water sources and water quality.